Customer Testimonials

**”With days before April 15th, I came to see Mr. Shapiro after I had my taxes done by a local CPA. I was referred to him by a friend. He looked over the tax return, asked me to return in a couple days with my past 3 years of tax returns, and I picked up my re-done tax return on April 15th having to pay the IRS over $12,000 less than the CPA had me paying”

  • Richard of Bullhead City

**”I had a series of IRS letters telling me that I owed them over $52,000.00 in taxes and my girlfriend told me to see Gary. After many months of his work, and a few months for the IRS to respond to Mr. Shapiro’s efforts, the IRS sent me a check for $52.00 plus interest! I am now in business for myself and Gary and his staff are taking care of us extremely well.”

  • Sam of Ft. Mohave

**”I went to another tax preparer at the urging of a friend. Two years later after I was tired of getting IRS and Arizona collection letters I went back to see Mr. Shapiro. He looked over the letters and then asked for and looked over the tax returns done by the other “accounting services office”. He immediately saw errors in judgement that the other preparer had made as his specialty is based in TAX LAW, unlike the other tax offices in the area that know how to fill in the blanks on forms…sometimes. Anyways, he amended the past two years of tax returns the other preparer had messed up, the collection letters stopped, and I even got a check back for all the payments I had made to the IRS and Arizona for the taxes she said that I had to pay!”

  • Nancy of Mohave Valley

**”I purchased homeowners, flood and car insurance form The Southwest Financial Center Insurance Agency.  They saved us so much money.  They told me how to get a new flood certificate, which cut the down our flood insurance down to less then half, cut the homeowners insurance in half and saved (on) our car insurance.”

  • Irene of Bullhead City

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