3 Steps to Protect Yourself from Medicare Fraud

(Family Features) Every day, Medicare fraud affects people with Medicare and their families across the U.S. – regardless of background – robbing them of hard-earned money and peace of mind. Scammers know the ins and outs of the Medicare system and their attempts can be well thought-out enough that it’s not always easy to know […]

Don’t Leave Dental Benefit Money on the Table

(Family Features) It’s not too late to improve your dental health and overall health without putting a dent in your wallet. If you have dental insurance, you have until Dec. 31 to use your benefits before they expire. “A lot of people don’t realize just how easy it can be to get back on the […]

4 Ways to Stretch Your Health Benefits

(Family Features) Often, employees enroll in medical insurance plans for protection against unpredictable events, sudden illness or serious health concerns that may result in expensive medical bills. Getting the most from your benefits requires understanding coverages and deductibles, as well as taking advantage of voluntary benefits, like dental, vision and hearing, to stay healthy and […]