Collector Car Insurance Quote

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Collector Car Insurance Quote

Personal Information

Vehicle Information

Vehicle Information

Driver Information

If yes, the under age 26 driver must be excluded from policy. Spouses cannot be excluded.

Driver Number One

Other Household Drivers

For all other drivers in the household, please indicate Full Name, Date of Birth, Driver License Number and State Licensed, Marital Status and any Tickets, Accidents or Claims for the past 5 years.

Insurance Coverages

Regular Daily Use Vehicles - other than Classic Autos

The first Liability Limit listed on your current insurance declaration pages for your everyday vehicles is for Bodily Injury. Examples of these limits are: 15,000/30,000 - also shown as 15/30 and continue to higher limits such as 100/300 or $100,000/$300,000; which is defined as $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident or occurence.  Most insurance companies mandate that liability limits for regularly driven vehicles and classic cars must match, or that the classic car liability cannot exceed the regular liability limits for the everyday vehicles.

Other Classic Vehicles

If there are more classic vehicles in the household for this quote, in the areas below please indicate the following:

Year, Manufacturer, Model, V.I.N., Current Market Value and Annual Miles Driven.

Also indicate if the vehicle is Stock or Modified, if the vehicle is driven occasionally or daily, list extra equipment, if it is under restoration, if locked in a garage or facility and whether the vehicle is titled under a business name or corporation.

Current Insurance Information

Other Information

We value your input as PRIVATE information. Every step has been taken to insure your privacy, security, and our intent is to release quote information only to you. We will not give your data to ANY other person or group for sales, marketing, or ANY other purposes. By clicking the submit button below you agree to allow our agency to release this information via the method you have chosen, to run the necessary insurance reports in order to provide you with the most accurate comparison quotes possible and, and to release us from any liability should this information be accidentally viewed by others. Our intention is to maintain your complete privacy.

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