Protection Plus Audit Assistance and Tax Fraud Services

The Southwest Financial Center is now offering Protection Plus Audit Assistance and Tax Fraud Services. Members will have access to our experienced tax professionals who assist with evaluating and explaining IRS inquiries and audits, and providing consultation and advice.

Protection Plus also offers our members IRS Identity Theft Assistance, Tax Credit and Taxpayer ID Assistance, a Tax Preparation Guarantee and Tax Debt Relief.

There are numerous free and discounted legal services through Legal Club of America. Discounted services include traffic ticket defence, name change, simple wills, real estate closings and more.
Free legal services are also offered, including review of independent legal documents, living wills, problem solving with governmental entities like INS or Welfare and writing initial letters on your behalf.

The program also includes Identity Theft Assistance including restoration services.

We are always available to answer your questions. Come by 1854 Highway 95, Bullhead City, AZ or reach us by phone at 928-763-4360.

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